LIVING COMMONS is a not-for-profit socially engaged arts organisation that was established in order to found and maintain co-operative, humane, democratic living, working and learning schemes for persons in precarious living situations through creative practices and community building.

LIVING COMMONS is implemented through collectively-led, social ecological arts and cultural programmes that enable those in precarious living situations equal participation in social, cultural, economic and political life through the initiation of autonomously-run collective design programmes.

Through creative cultural practices, processes, engagements and outputs, LIVING COMMONS promotes a sense of community concern, health, wellbeing and care for the housing, living needs of disadvantaged persons.

LIVING COMMONS designs and produces schemes that present a holistic framing of the co-reliance and inter-dependence between our environment and our social well-being.

Some of the projects that have been produced include:

SPARE ROOM, Cork 2019 /

funded by the Irish Arts Council

Living Commons: Reconfiguring the Social, 2021

funded by the Irish Arts Council

Inhabiting the Bageion: Architecture as Critique, Athens 2017

self-funded, Culture Ireland