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There is no record of me. I am one of the kids that was born around that era when there was massive conflict in East Africa. I’m only now discovering who I am.  It took me a long time to get to Europe. I am very lucky. Out of everyone who was crossing the desert with me, I survived. The others perished. If you ask me how I got to Ireland, I don’t know. I was on a boat. There were about 20 of us crossing into Europe.All I know is that this really nice man put me on a fishing boat and dropped me in Ireland. I arrived in Dublin and got processed. I had to seek asylum. I got moved to Kerry. That didn’t work out for me. I got into a little bit of trouble. Then I got moved to Limerick but I got in trouble there as well. Then I got to Waterford. At that time, I was more settled in myself.

Through my direct provision experience, I taught myself how to produce music and movies. I think I got good at it. Movie-making kind of allows me to release my sorrows and pain.



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