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During this residency, I had a chance to think about “What you want to be” and my answer was “Seiko Hayase, someone who lives with art”. This is a really important question and the answer reflects myself. All and everyone is living in society, thereʼs “Who you are”, this question. Japanese artist who lives in Ireland, 34 years old, studied art. How many times you get this question “What do you want to be?” “What do you want to do?” Who I Am? and What I want to be?

I know Iʼm Seiko Hayase. That's my base. All is optional except it.In this residency, what is the meaning for the society? Who I Am in the society? I'm thinking that thinking about myself is what I can do now and how to know socially engaged with myself. I want to research that meaning of living with art. No reason needed but still there's a reason. Two opposite words, there's emotion which can't be expressed with word, that's my World in Between.


In society, we are living in one world with others. There are many news, happy or sad everyday. Your emotions, born in your body each second, happy or sad, every day. Ears hear it, eyes watch it, the nose smells it, the body touches it, the brain makes emotions.


Between happiness and sadness, beauty and ugliness, fear and relief... Where there are some emotion that can't be expressed with socialised word, there's the World In Between. It gives a burning feeling and it feels like a small volcano in your heart pipes.


People are hiding emotions and living in society to go well with others. These emotions become harder and accumulate in your body, why don't you release them? Because in most of them is the question to suffer without an answer...


My art practice process is to pick up the hidden emotion from my brain and find the way to share them with society. Thinking about the question of suffering without an answer is painful and tough but I hope that I can share my emotions through my art, and maybe you see it and it becomes your trigger to think about your hidden emotions... I'm not a doctor to cure suffering without an answer.

I'm not a scientist to make super medicine for suffering without an answer. As an artist, I'm researching how to find and share the World In Between of You and Me to chat about our questions.

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Not your fault. It's not my fault. Then whose fault??
This question is a participatory installation that asks participants about “suffering without an answer”. In this work, visitors enter the “toilet” on open studio time. A video plays in the stall: “It's not your fault”. Then whose fault? These words end the video. This is a participatory installation in which participants can open the toilet door themselves and ask others to think about “suffering without an answer” in a closed space where the feelings of others are suppressed.

Your Word
This project is part of "Not Your Fault". The word is sometimes strongly making you struggle. Can't see it, can't hear it, but itʼs there in your heart. Everyone has these word. Me also.
This “Your Word” makes your word be released to the sky. Of course you can write any words that are stuck in your heart.

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Creepy ParadE

The concept of this work is "endless emotions". Society is full of emotions. I want to be recognised, I want to recognise you. I want to understand, I want to leave.
Hatred and love.....Then people are wandering in search of connections. Only such overflowing emotions leave the body and jump out and blend into society.
When I go out and walk a little, for a short while, I feel that I am blending into society and that anxiety and fear is a phantom. In a moment.

I consider emotions to be scenes created by the brain, which I express in my research theme the "world in between". Emotions make people and repeat production and consumption in society. A brain-human dancer wearing a brain marches wandering
around the street corner. It is extraordinary in everyday life. Emotions are endless and never stop.
However, society keeps ticking. Your emotions tick in the same way.

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