Self Assembly is one of the Programmes of Living Commons funded by the Irish Arts Council through the Participatory Art Practice Project Award 2020-2021. It is Co-Designed by Rob Ireson, Alex O’ Brien, Aideen Donovan and Eve Olney. It is a reconfigurable durable structure that can be used by different community groups and adapted to their needs, for example as a workshop space, an alternative school, and event space a social enterprice space, and assembly space, etc.

It has been designed under the leading communing criteria of inclusivity, equality, sharing and solidarity. The Living Commons intend to use the structure within community-led projects that offer alternative approaches to capitalistic cultures. It has been generously co – funded by Cork Printmakers and hired by them for the About Faoin Spéir/In the Open Programme.





About Faoin Spéir/In the Open Programme


Cork Printmakers, Backwater Artist Group, The Lavit Gallery in partnership with Cork City Council Arts Office are recipients of the In the Open |Faoin Spéir Arts Council Award. In the Open|Faoin Spéir is an initiative of the Arts Council of Ireland to generate a sustained and curated programme of multidisciplinary, inclusive arts activity in public or open spaces in towns and communities around Ireland between July 2021 and April 2022. More details here:  https://www.artscouncil.ie/InTheOpen/